The Sex Positions That Men Really Want

The Sex Positions That Men Really Want

When it comes to personal desires, kinks, and fetishes, it’s all different. Although the vagina can determine how an erection happens, issues like the size of the penis and the size of the boobs whether it is big or tiny will have a significant effect on the positions. While the penis size isn’t the most critical feature of sex by a long shot, it certainly happens as you want to figure out a place that feels good also known as the G spot. It is also known as the best energy booster for men.

However, there is a misconception that most men prefer rough sex over actual privacy. I found that in real life this is certainly not the case. I asked seven cisgender and heterosexual men to tell me their favourite position was in the bedroom to figure out what they felt was sexy.

These Are The Sex Positions:

1. Modified Missionary
It is one of the favourites for men. As boring as it sounds, it is a masterpiece, without any excuses. It is a position that most men enjoy because it’s easy, it does the job and it is without a doubt one of the sex positions that can make men longer in bed. But, the trick is to encourage a good missionary to make minor improvements.

2. Woman On Top
If the girl is on top most men love it when they and the woman they are having sex with is face to face with them. In addition, it’s easy and relaxed to snatch the woman’s butt or play with their boobs.

3. Doggy Style
Most men love this position because when the woman bends and they are behind the woman, it gives them an extraordinary feeling. They always love it. They feel like being offered more strength and control so they can deal with various deep angles and pulling the woman’s hair too.

4. Butterfly
Men like this position because they are standing and they can have a good view of everything that is going on with the woman when they are having sex. Also, most men think that the woman’s feet on the chest or shoulders are hot.

5. Reverse Cowgirl
As the typical roles are different, reverse cowgirl is very fascinating and it is very easy to do. It’s simple to adapt for this position to get variation, especially if you’re flexible or strong on the bottom.

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