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The journey of a mountaineer, and why he keeps doing what he does.

Words by Mike Hilson

This blog is about someone who scales mountains for a living. It's not a career, it's a way of life. Come join me and see all the things i see on my journey to the next mountaintop. As long as there's mountains, my job is never over.

Mike goes by many name, mountaineer, hiker, idiot, and more, but prefers to be called Mike.

about our club

Talented Members

Great team members who knows what they're doing, and are always there to support you.

amazing places

The sky is our roof, and sometimes the roof is closer than ever.


I know there's a picture of a grand old villa, but most of the time we sleep in tents. But we still wouldn't trade it for anything.


Simultaneously the best and the worst part of our journey. How is that possible? Join us and you'll know.