Web Design 101: Best Practices to Follow this 2019


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Web Design 101: Best Practices to Follow this 2019


Your website is the most effective marketing channel you can depend on, no matter how kind of products and services you are offering. In this digital era, it’s important to leverage on web pages to reach out to people. Are you looking into improving your online presence for your website design malaysia company this 2019? Below are some trends that you can implement on your website.


  1. Build a landing page.

 Landing Page

Landing pages are created to encourage users to take important action. Encourage them to finalize their purchase. It should display your offering’s primary features, and why they should buy it. The details should be clear and crisp.


  1. Responsive Design


If the imagery and content on your website are distorted, then it will result to a terrible viewing experience. Make sure to provide your target audience a smooth navigation and viewing experience. Since most of them are now browsing pages through their smartphones, don’t forget to fully optimize your website for mobile view.


  1. Visuals


Excellent visuals can make a positive difference on your conversion and engagement rates. This is the most effective way to convey a message. Utilize only images that your users can easily relate to.


  1. Brilliant User Experience


A successful website delivers a positive, functional viewing experience to people. How can you make sure that this will be implemented? Audit your pages from a person’s perspective. Check your logo, imagery, content. Every element should be aligned with your overall branding.


  1. Access to Vital Information


Users browse websites when they are looking for important information. If they fail to find the details they are looking for, they immediately exit a website. This is the reason why you should prioritize easy-to-use navigation and quality content. See to it that users will easily find the details they are looking for.


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