The Facts and Rumors About Las Vegas

Rumors are rife about what happened in Sin City and what happens there. So help keep gamblers alert, do casinos pump in extra oxygen? Will Big Casino Brother decide who’s going to strike it rich? Is there a threat to the Megabucks?

There is a joke about the Megabucks.

Myth. Many of the stories about winners who died or got injured are just myths. In southern California, the guy who won the biggest Megabucks jackpot is alive and well. It’s true that some of those big winners may have had something wrong, but overall it’s just not that. Go along after the Megabucks. Probably your biggest problem is the taxes— and people trying to sponge off you.

Las Vegas has more breast implant procedures than any other city worldwide.

Fact. I remember, as I am the plastic surgery king. I think that is because of the showgirls. I had never wanted to be a woman myself. If God wanted me to be a woman, he would have given me $20,000 for the procedure. During the 1980s, Roy Horn of the Siegfried and Roy magician duo died and was replaced by his cousin, looking-alike.

Myth. Definitely not true. Everyone said he died of AIDS but it wasn’t. I was so shocked when I realized that. You just can’t be that dumb. You humans watching too many soap operas out there.

During a show in 2003, the tiger who wounded the aforementioned Roy reportedly tried to help him offstage.

Fact. Roy dropped, and the tiger caught him by the leg, trying to walk him off the stage. Really he was trying to help him. It’s a much better story though if one of his own tigers attacked him. So this was written in some magazines. The tiger hadn’t been malicious. Yeah, it’s the real Roy who’s been maimed, too. He is recovering very well. The other day I was just watching him walk and I had tears in my eyes.

Howard Hughes lived atop the Desert Inn during his final years as a madman recluse.

Myth. It makes no sense to me. Nobody saw him but one guy, after all these years, who made that claim. It’s a myth. There’s a guy looking from above at the casino floor, who decides who’s going to win the next big jackpot.

Myth. Slot machine payouts are determined by a generator of random numbers,. It’s not too easy to talk about fixing the slot machines. The state would be a casino, even in online casinos, that was trying to rig a machine all over.

Prostitution, in Las Vegas, is legal.

Myth. No, that is not true. It’s legal if you’re leaving Clark County (for example, to Pahrump), but it’s not legal in Las Vegas. Las Vegas ‘ water crisis is so severe that restaurants won’t serve a glass of water, unless asked.

Fact. It takes two glasses of water to purify the liquid for every glass of water you drink. The situation in Las Vegas is so serious that on some days you’re only allowed to water your lawn. I am doing my job. All of Astroturf is my backyard.’

Casinos pump extra oxygen to keep people awake through air conditioning. And some gambling.

Myth. It’s not just this ridiculous, it’s nonsense. This is a setting where people smoke cigarettes. In an oxygen-rich environment, you’d not have people smoking cigarettes. That’s never going to happen.

Casinos do not have clocks or windows.

Myth. This is fiction; many casinos have windows, so that you can see outside,. Wynn Las Vegas is a casino with plenty of natural light. As for clocks, you don’t normally see many clocks, but how many bars, movie theaters, libraries, and churches on their walls have clocks? Almost exactly the same as casinos.

Some gamblers destroyed the slot machines for good luck by pouring holy water into the units.

Myth. We’d read about this. The cameras caught someone doing it. Thinking of pouring holy water into a slot machine anyway is dumb. To worry about slot machines, God is too busy. Most slot machines don’t pay out.

Myth: They all pay out,, and all of them do it randomly.

There are Celebrities everywhere.

Fact. I think Vegas is home to more celebrities than Los Angeles. You see them wherever you go. One time I went out with a client to have dinner and he said,’ Let’s go to the CP.’ I wondered why we were going to the California Pizza Kitchen. We finished up at the Paradise Club which is a strip club. We ended up in an exclusive champagne-drinking location. I ended up sitting in a circle with Pam Anderson, Carson Daly and Kid Rock. We all had lap dances. You never know who you’re going to be in Vegas next to.’

It’s not what you think, you know it is who you do.

Fact. Vegas is a very tiny town. Everybody knows each other. Knowing people in the Casino industry is important. You can get into the exclusive clubs that way. If you don’t know someone in Vegas for a place like the Foundation Room you’ll never get on the list. Everything in Vegas is about who you know.

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