Men’s Health Tips that You Should Know

Among the many problems that can plague a man, impotence seems to be one of the areas that need to be addressed. You see, men are typically regarded as “manly” based on their sexual prowess. The more sexually active the man is, the more manly they are considered to be.

It is important that boys at a very young age are taught about how the male body works. Read further to find out some health tips, particularly the ones that revolve around male potency.


This is an androgen that is predominant in men. Our bodies naturally produce this hormone and it can affect different parts of the body- not only the male sex organ.

If there is a low level of testosterone in your body, there is a huge chance that you will not be able to perform sexually well because a lack of this hormone presents a lot of problems.

Now, why is there a natural decrease in testosterone levels in men? Well, that can be due to two things: age or medical conditions.

Our testosterone levels dip about 1-2% per year starting the age of 30. When we are low on testosterone, it hampers our ability to perform sexually, as well as decreases our capability of enjoying an orgasm.

Medical conditions such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease can also lead to erectile dysfunction as well. Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition that is characterized by the man’s inability to hold and maintain an erection long enough for women to reach orgasm.

Even though there may be a decrease in testosterone levels as you age, there are certainly some treatments that you can get in order for you to combat this. Testosterone boosters can help increase the hormone’s production in your body.

Sexual Problems

Now, certain men also have other problems related to sexual activity as well. Although erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is certainly one of the most common- it is not the only common disease out there that is related to penis health.

Premature Ejaculation is another common phenomenon that affects plenty of men. This is a condition that is characterized by the man’s seemingly overexcited state that results in ejaculation just a couple of minutes after stimulation.

This can lead to relationship problems as men who have “arrived too early” leaves their partners clamoring for more.
Well, how can you combat premature ejaculation? Well, one thing you can try is to do the start-stop method.

Basically, what you do is you continue your sexual intercourse with your partner and then as soon as you feel that ejaculation is imminent, you pull out for a little bit, breathe deep, and then proceed to the intercourse.

This can train your mind to stop being overly excited when there is sexual stimulation and so that you can control your ejaculation in the process. It is important that you do this a couple of times until you have mastered the technique.

You also want to apply a little bit of pressure to your prostate gland so that it can hamper its ability to ejaculate, buying you some much-needed time.

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