How to Create SEO Content

How to Create SEO Content (That Works)

Do you want your business to gain more online presence especially if you are the online marketing company? Then, you must learn how to create engaging, quality content. Also, it’s not just about creativity. You need to understand SEO on a deeper level.

What is SEO content?

Any webpage that is targeting a particular keyword phrase is considered SEO content. This can apply to product pages, blog posts, category pages, local pages and more.

Remember the 80/20 Content Rule

80% of your content should target a particular keyword phrase, while the remaining 20% should be designed as share bait or links.

The SEO Content Process

Establish a keyword database containing round 100 keywords. If you can include more, the better! This is just a rough keyword record, and you don’t need to target each keyword in your list. Some of these may be too competitive, while some are not even qualified.

Qualify Keywords

Make sure to qualify your keyword database. The most crucial step you can take when it comes to great SEO content is to base your strategic decisions on important data. Qualifying keywords mean verifying their worth.

Analyze the Competition

How to Create SEO ContentUnderstanding that a specific keyword has interest is crucial. However, you should also know whether the website is really capable of ranking using it. Implementing a thorough competitor analysis can help you get through this efficiently. Choose 10 potential keywords, and then start your analysis.

Do a 10-Second Analysis

This is the most efficient way to focus on a specific keyword set. Just download Moz toolbar. Then, enter the potential keyword on Google. You will surely get quick results.

Create Your Search Intent Strategy

In order to achieve successful SEO strategy, you need to fulfill search intent. You can do this by analyzing the ranking outcome for your targeted keyword. If most of them are blog posts, then you need to create more of that.

Develop Your Content Strategy

An efficient content strategy is an important part of the SEO process. Looking for the perfect formula beat your competitors? Build a webpage that is very different, and 10 times better than what is currently ranking. Differentiate your posts from that of your competitors.

Analyze the strategies of your competitors. What are their weaknesses and strengths?

How to Differentiate Your Content

How can you make better, and more engaging content? Write about your own experience. Surely, it different from everyone else in the digital landscape and the world. Great content is a product of real-life experiences.

Inject Relevant Stories

Relevant stories can make your posts engaging and relatable. They are powerful tools for persuading and teaching. Why don’t you create your own story database? Sit down. Relax. Brainstorm your experiences in your field.

How to Create SEO ContentUtilize All Media Types

The more kinds of media you incorporate in your posts, the better it will be. Remember, every person digests online content differently.

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