8 Free Web Design Tools That You Need To Utilize This 2019

8 Free Web Design Tools That You Can Use This 2019

Do you want to improve your online presence for your web design company this 2019? Well, you need to add more value to your pages, and make sure that your visitors get an amazing user experience. Below are some of the free resources you can utilize to improve your website’s overall performance.

  1. Logo Lab

Test your logo before uploading it your website. This tool delivers various visual experiments that evaluate key factors such as balance, scalability and silhouette. It easily determines points for improvement.

  1. Google Dataset Search

Google Dataset

This platform enables users to look for datasets using a basic keyword search. Google Dataset Search identifies crucial details about datasets hosted in various repositories, making them universally accessible.

  1. Landing Templates for Startups

Are you looking for landing page templates for your new product? This platform provides a free landing page templates which are suitable for all types of startups. They are easily downloadable and customizable.

  1. Zipsell


Zipsell is an open-source, self-hosted platform you can use for free if you want to sell digital downloads like software and eBooks.

  1. Linksplit

This tool allows users to build shortened URLs. When clicked, they distribute web traffic evenly to various URLs.

  1. You Don’t Need WordPress


Have you ever thought of creating a blog using only Google docs? This tool lets you customize shapes, colors and tables, and then transfer everything to a blog post. You don’t need to fix anything with regards to hosting. All you need is your own Google drive account.

  1. Drafta

With Drafta, you can store different project screens which are organized as tree navigation. You can even build a sitemap, and upload the screens with various resolutions and states.

  1. Galio

Are you thinking of building a mobile app for your business? Galio can surely help you with it. It’s a reliable framework with ready-to-use components and features.

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