6 Popular Mobile App Development Trends in 2018


Every year, there are new features that are being introduced in the mobile app space. Should make it a point to implement such features into their own creations to make it more competitive and also, to ultimately satisfy their customers. Here are some of the most popular app development trends in 2018:

1. Beacons

More people are enjoying location-based services and businesses are trying to leverage this to their advantage. When creating an app, you may want to make use of beacons that offer better location-based services. That is not the only use for beacons, however. You can also utilize them to bring virtual guides and other knowledge bases to users who would want more information about something- all while using their smartphones.

2. Internet of Things

More and more “smart” appliances are being produced almost on a daily basis and a lot of people are actually buying them. What makes them “smart” is that they can interact with you by just using some voice commands. These appliances will then use the internet to do what you’ve ordered. As application development progresses, we would see more apps that will help improve the functionality of these smart devices.

3. More Immersive and Interactive Games

Smartphone hardware has evolved through the years and many people are enjoying games with some impressive visuals. There are also new app development kits that help developers create some       amazing games. In 2017, MOBA games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor have been quite popular in Asia. But we’re going to see more games that are going to be smash hits in 2018 and beyond.

4. Robust Security Measures

The attack in 2016 made Apple more aware that app security is a matter of great importance and one that developers should never overlook. You not only want to deter attackers from stealing your information, but you also want to feel safe when using your smartphone because it is used pretty much for every online transaction imaginable. Therefore, there is an increased need to further improve an application’s security. Expect to see more apps that are almost impenetrable.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI elements are actually not new. In fact, machine learning is widely used in subscription-based applications. However, we will expect to see a rise in the implementation of artificial intelligence
because the platform is going to be improved in a few years’ time.

6. Programming Language Improvements

As you might know, programming languages provide the backbone of an application. Without it, an app simply would not run, especially with the features that you’ve intended to incorporate in it. Google has just recently released the new Kotlin programming language that would hopefully replace Java as the main coding platform for Android Applications. However, do not count Java and other programming languages out because they, too, have been improved. Swift still holds a strong place in the market. Java is still used in the making of hybrid apps and Objective-C is still used by some iOS developers to this day.

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