5 Ways to Ensure That Your Child is More Important Than Your Phone

Use a reliable app to monitor your phone usage.

There are plenty of apps that can tell you how frequently you check your smartphone. One of the most reliable ones is Moment, an app that tracks how often you use your iPad and iPhone each day. Remember, regulating phone and tablet use can help you with baby care.

List down all of your phone-related activities.

Smartphones are already part of our daily routines, and each parent has their own technology-related tasks. In fact, many parents use their phones in front of their children. To avoid this, it would be helpful to list down all of your phone activities. Use can use this to regulate phone use, and focus more on family activities

Involve your children in family discussions on appropriate mobile phone use.

Parenting is more than just buying baby milk bottles and baby clothes in Malaysia. You are bound to have bigger responsibilities once your child grows up. Discuss to them the mobile phone usage around your home. Even children can contribute to this kind of conversation. It will also help them understand why they rules must be set with regards to technology usage.

Write all the smartphone rules, and post it where every family member can see it.

Let this server as a technology manifesto. Why not post the list on the refrigerator? This will be different for each family, but here are some examples:

  1. No tablets and phones out until the children are in bed
  2. No tablets and phones during meals
  3. No phones and tablets out for the entire first hour after coming home
  4. No phones and tablets out during family movie night

Give your children 10 minutes of undivided attention. 

This is a simple rule that many busy parents fail to accomplish. Give your children 10 minutes of positive, undivided attention two times a day. This means you sit beside them, and talk to them without any interruption. Just 10 minutes.

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