12 SEO Mistakes Your Company Is Probably Making

The SEO industry is fast-changing, and getting more and more competitive. It is important for marketers to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. If you will refuse to keep up with the times, you will make expensive errors that can impact your organic traffic and online visibility negatively.

Learn from the following. Below are 12 common mistakes seo specialist in Malaysia and digital professionals commit.

1.Infinite Scroll Pages That Can’t Be Crawled

Infinite scrolling is a lot of people’s favorite feature. The more they scroll, the more web page content appears. This can deliver an excellent user experience for most of your audience, and improve your session duration. However, adding this feature means bots won’t be able to crawl your web pages. This can be a pain to your ranking potential and SEO value.

2.Failure to Optimize for Mobile Devices

At this day and age, more and more people are browsing websites through their smartphones and other devices. If the content fails to perfectly fit in the screen, then that experience can be annoying and frustrating. Optimizing for mobile is not only good for web traffic, it can also affect your bounce rate positively.

3.Poor Navigation

Users always look for information online, and they want to get it fast. This can be accomplished in a through an intuitive, organized and smooth navigation. Don’t let your web pages bury themselves—you must always strive for higher traffic. Build your navigation well so they can find the details they are looking for in a timely manner.

4.Poor Link Building

Remember, you cannot establish link authority without external and internal linking. You should follow white hat techniques, and get high-value backlinks from credible resources.

5.Low Quality Content

Compelling content is the key to a successful personal or business website. Don’t settle for low-quality articles. Make informative and engaging materials. Your readers and customers surely need quality details that can help them solve their problems.

6.Failure to Uses Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Title tags and meta descriptions don’t really impact a website’s ranking, but it can affect click-through rates, and the appearance of your snippets in the search engine results pages. So we can still regard these elements are very important. Never neglect this part of your search engine optimization process—don’t lose the chance of earning more and more clicks!

7.Slow Page Load Speed

We all want to get the information we want—smooth and fast. All users are very busy, and they have no time to wait for several minutes for a single web page to load. Make sure that your website loads fast. This is can establish your website as an authoritative, credible source.

8.Poorly Structured URLs

URL is another SEO element that is often overlooked. Well, they have a huge significance, and can make or break your website. Your URLs readable, informative and concise.

9.Lack of Security

According to Google, your website’s security level is in itself, a ranking factor. This is the reason why it is important to utilize “https.” Without a secured website, browsers such as Firefox and Chrome will show that your web pages are not secure. This can hurt your reputation, and drive away your visitors.

10.Lack of Planning

Are you just blindly making content without any goals and plan in mind? Well, you need to create an efficient SEO and content strategy. Planning is a vital part of marketing, and your business game plan.

11.Ignoring Data and Analytics

Always monitor your website’s data and analytics. These details can help you make strategic decisions, and can highly influence how your business grows. Regularly monitor your rankings for certain keywords, and pull reports from your website analytics tools.

12.Lack of Flexibility

SEO strategies must be flexible. You just need to utilize the right platforms and tools to gather lots of data. These details can identify points for improvement, and your next level plans.

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